Entry 9- thesis statement

Thesis Statement: Single claim (what you think about the topic) which includes a topic. It is arguable.  It is divided in three parts :                                           *The subject: the topic itself                                       *The presice opinion: the opinion on the                                             subject.
 *Blueprint of reasons: the plan to argue and prove your opinion with support and to persuade the audience.

Entry 8 Literary essay

Changing the world

Many international famous celebrities show interest in social issues, however not all of them are as commited as Bono (U2), Elton John and Sting are. The three of them focus their attention on minority groups which are people who experience unequal  treatment and less power within their society and because they are socially segregated , they suffer. Their songs , such as "where the streets have no names", "All the young girls love Alice" and "An englishman in New York" respectively, attempt to illustrate their dedication as activists.

Bono, with his Irish band U2, gives concerts in supports of AIDS. Not only does he back ill people with the "RED" organisation, but also he is the foundator of "ONE" to which he is commited to taking action to end with the extreme poverty. The author of the song emphasises in his lyric that "streets have no names", referring to the roads that have numbers instead, and they ind…

Entry 7 from paragraph to essay

Paragraph by listing:
 This kind of paragraph are non- fictional texts.the are useful to LIST in an organised way and to make the paragraph smoothy (not a shopping list). 1º paragraph sentence starts with the TOPIC INTRIDUCTION – WICH IS IN PASSIVE VOICE- and establishes the topic discussion. sentence is the TOPIC SENTENCE  which defines or delimits the topic narrowly. Its second part of the sentence will be the new info  which leads the readerto a better understanding . BOTH are open paragraphs. 2º ( 3º & 4º) paragraphs: then comes the paragraph that develop the main idea (developer) with SUPPORTING  examples which are listed with  the help of CONNECTORS. MODULATOR or TRANSITION SENTENCES are used b/ diferents sets of ideas ( while, however). Repetition, parallel constructions, synonyms, ant/  are aids that add chesion to the text. Finally a TERMINATOR sentence leads the text to its conclution.

*Paragrpah  by example:
TOPIC SENTENCE  : divided in old a…

Entry 6 well written paragraph


There ara certain cultures, such as chinesse, in which the essays are longer than others such as the English culture. the main characteristcs are: to begin with, the
TOPIC SENTENCEclarified the subject
                                       what we are going to talk about in the following paragraphs 
opening sentence should be an interesting topic to catch the attention    NOT be detailed, breve, clear and presice. The topic sentence lead the reader to into the points that the writer is going to make , to clear up the idea. 

 After it , comes the BODY: this is the heart of the essay which  supports the topic with arguments. It gives more information and the order will vary according to two different criteria; a) importance: standing out arguments  b)chronology:order of the events. 

  Finally, the CLOSING SENTENCE: this sentence re-state the topic and add something else. The main goal is to keep the audience thinking.

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